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Calla_lily[2] - Zantedeschia_aethiopica


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This lily produces a wonderful display of spath flowers for a long time from late winter to early spring. There is also a green tinged version of this lilly flower called Green Goddess. It loves water and is a vigouros grower with deep roots. I have grown it in the pond where the leaves and flower gets even larger given free range. It is knocked down by frost but recovers to flower in the spring. I have to repot this one every year as it outgrows the pot easily.

S_zantedeschia_aethiopica-c_calla_lily S_zantedeschia_aethiopica-c_calla_lily[2] S_zanthedescia_jucunda-c_golden_arum S_zanthedescia_jucunda-c_golden_arum[2] S_zantedeschia_aethiopica-green_goddess-c_calla_lily

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