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Golden_Arum - Zanthedescia_jucunda


Spring to Summer

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This is a handsome plant with attractive, green speckled leaves with countless translucent spots and bears gorgeous, large, elegantly sculptured blooms with golden-yellow spathes. I grow it in the water fall of the pond and in the pond itself. Depending on growing conditions it can reach 18 inches(500mm). The seeds are typical arum berries which form on a 2 feet petiole. There are a vast range of colours to choose from.

S_zantedeschia_aethiopica-c_calla_lily S_zantedeschia_aethiopica-c_calla_lily[2] S_zanthedescia_jucunda-c_golden_arum S_zanthedescia_jucunda-c_golden_arum[2] S_zantedeschia_aethiopica-green_goddess-c_calla_lily

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