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Calla_lily - Zantedeschia_aethiopica


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This plant is neither a Calla or a lily, but more an arum. It produces large white spathe flowers in late winter and spring. Although tender if the crown is protected the roots go deep and the plant recovers, producing flowers for a long time. Once it stops flowering the leaves are very archetectural and adds to any garden If space can be found for it. I grow it in a pot giving it plenty of water all year round. This variety also grows well in the pond. Other names are Pig lily, Trumpet lily, Cala Blanca and White Arum lily.

S_zantedeschia_aethiopica-c_calla_lily S_zantedeschia_aethiopica-c_calla_lily[2] S_zanthedescia_jucunda-c_golden_arum S_zanthedescia_jucunda-c_golden_arum[2] S_zantedeschia_aethiopica-green_goddess-c_calla_lily

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