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Jewel_Orchid[2] - Haemaria_discolor



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This orchid is native to Indonesia and Burma and have beautiful foliage. It is a Synonym of Ludisia discolor and is a Jewel Orchid. This is the Flower which became fully opened in January. They need high humidity and warm temperatures. Low to medium light is ideal, and they tolerate extremely low light levels. Jewel orchids are terrestrial and grow in soil with good drainage. They need to be medium moist, but with good ventilation. They can be propagated anytime of the year. Take cutting of growing shoots and pot them directly in the potting medium.

S_cymbidium____-c_cymbidium_orchid S_phalaenopsis_white-c_moth_orchid_whitedup29 S_phalaenopsis_doris-c_moth_orchid_pink S_phalaenopsis_doris-c_moth_orchid_pink[2] S_phalaenopsis_pink-c_moth_orchid_pink[2] S_phalaenopsis_pink-c_moth_orchid_pink[3] S_phalaenopsis_pink-c_moth_orchid_pink[4] S_phalaenopsis_yellow-c_moth_orchid_yellow S_phalaenopsis_spotted-c_moth_orchid_spotted[4] S_pleione_bulbocodioides-c_peacock_orchid S_pleione_bulbocodioides-c_peacock_orchid[2] S_haemaria_discolor-c_jewel_orchid S_haemaria_discolor-c_jewel_orchid[2] S_paphiopedilum_new_york_jack-c_lady_slipper S_dendrobium____-c_orchid____ S_vanda_coerulea-c_vanda_orchid S_cattleya_orchid-c_cattleya_orchid S_gongora_galeata-c_helmut_gongora S_brassia_verucosa-c_spider_orchid

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