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These are all the different Sedums in the garden


Stonecrop{2] - Sedum____


Early Summer

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If you want a plant that you can grow in a pot and ignore indefinately, this is it. It is now growing over the brick fence and collecting its own soil. This Sedum produces a mass of white flowers and can be grown in the same pot for years. It makes a good ground cover on bare rock if it can get enough water. when the sun is too strong it turns red and when it has plenty of water it is a light green colour. It is hardy and will grow almost anywhere.

S_sedum_rupestre-c_stonecrop_of_st_vincentdup1 S_sedum____-c_stonecrop{2] S_sedum____-c_stonecrop{3] S_sedum_spectabile_brilliant-c_ice_plant

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