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Lemon_Scented_Geranium - Pelargonium_crispum


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Most people grow this Geranium as a house plant and as such it is excellent. The leaves have a strong smell of lemon especially when crushed. It also makes a very good plant for the garden growing and flowering well. If it is protected in the winter it will survive and get to a large size with masses of its flowers and scented leaves. As it grows easily from cuttings it can be used as an annual easily reaching a height of 18 inches(45cm).

S_pelargonium____-c_geranium S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[1]-dup4 S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[2] S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[3] S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[3]dup31 S_pelargonium_crispum-c_lemon_scented_geranium S_pelargonium_x_hortorum-c_geranium

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