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These are all the different Pelargonums in the garden


Ivy_Leaf_Geranium[3]DUP31 - Pelargonium_peltatum


Summer to Autumn

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This photograph shows the plant in full flower. It is a good complementry plant for Fuchias as they both flower all year long and both do well in pots. Like most plants sold as Geraniums they come in many colours from red-black through pink to white. They make excellent basket or pot plants trailing down over the basket or pot.

S_pelargonium____-c_geranium S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[1]-dup4 S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[2] S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[3] S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[3]dup31 S_pelargonium_crispum-c_lemon_scented_geranium S_pelargonium_x_hortorum-c_geranium

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