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These are all the different Pelargonums in the garden


Ivy_Leaf_Geranium[2] - Pelargonium_peltatum


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This is a close up view of the Routea showing its dazzleing bright red and white flowers. At times the whole pot is covered with these flowers. Regular pruning prevents it from getting too lanky and straggly. The stems snaps easily and they are eeasily propagated from cuttings like most geraniums or perhaps I should say pelargoniums as Geranium as a genus are the hardy cranesbill, but these are usually sold as Geraniums.

S_pelargonium____-c_geranium S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[1]-dup4 S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[2] S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[3] S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[3]dup31 S_pelargonium_crispum-c_lemon_scented_geranium S_pelargonium_x_hortorum-c_geranium

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