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Geranium - Pelargonium_x_hortorum


Summer to Autumn

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These zonal Pelargoniums are wonderful for baskets or pots as well as the garden. They flower themselves all through the spring, summer and autumn. They can survive outside with protection in mild winters, but if they are dug up and hung upside down in a cold cellar they will recover in the spring. They can even be left in the pots in the cold cellar. They will grow with white stems which soon recover when put out in the spring when they can be pruned to keep from getting too tall..

S_pelargonium____-c_geranium S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[1]-dup4 S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[2] S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[3] S_pelargonium_peltatum-c_ivy_leaf_geranium[3]dup31 S_pelargonium_crispum-c_lemon_scented_geranium S_pelargonium_x_hortorum-c_geranium

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