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Morning_glory[2] - Ipomoea_tricolor


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This Climber is a member of the Convolvulaceae family, which includes the almost ubiquitous Convolvous weed. Ipomoea looks and grows just like Convolous, is an annual and stops producing flowers after producing a mass of seeds. Its flowering season is long even though individual flowers only last a morning and starts to close by the afternoon. It can be rampant if fed and watered well. It is sensitive to cold temperature when young and suffers severe shock if planted outside too early.

S_ipomoea_tricolor-c_morning_glory S_ipomoea_tricolor-c_morning_glory[2] S_ipomoea_tricolor-c_morning_glory[3] S_ipomoea_tricolor-c_morning_glory[4] S_ipomoea_indica-c_blue_dawn_flower S_ipomoea_lobata-c_spanish_flag

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