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Here the yellow of the Brugmansia really sets off the pink if the Hibiscus. The hibiscus is Hardy and decideous and during the winter I prune it to keep it to the size I require. This Hibiscus flowers in July to August and is a mass of flowers for quite a while. The leaves are also pretty and the bees love to collect the pollen from the flowers. This tree si now about 15 years old and is about 6 feet(2 mtrs) tall.

S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia-dup32 S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[3] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[4] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_scarlet_giant S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_scarlet_giant[2] S_hibiscus___-c_hibiscus_hardy S_hibiscus___-c_hibiscus_hardy[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_white S_hibiscus_moscheutos_luna_red-c_common_rose_mallow S_hibiscus_moscheutos_luna_pink-c_common_rose_mallow S_hibiscus_trionum-c_hibiscus_trionum_sunny_day S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_scarlet_white S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_extra_large[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_extra_large

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