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Crown_of_Bohemia-DUP32 - Hibiscus_rosa_sinensis


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This is a beautiful flower. It is a double version of the tropical hibiscus. It is a little more hardy than the tropical hibiscus, but still tender. It flowers from planting out until November. The flower ranges from yellow to yellow with some red. Perhaps this is to do with the feed or temperature. Here it complement the loganberies well. Every year, after the frost has gone, I plant it out in its pot, around the end of April to May. About early December I bring it inside the cool conservatory.

S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia-dup32 S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[3] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[4] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_scarlet_giant S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_scarlet_giant[2] S_hibiscus___-c_hibiscus_hardy S_hibiscus___-c_hibiscus_hardy[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_white S_hibiscus_moscheutos_luna_red-c_common_rose_mallow S_hibiscus_moscheutos_luna_pink-c_common_rose_mallow S_hibiscus_trionum-c_hibiscus_trionum_sunny_day S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_scarlet_white S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_extra_large[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_extra_large

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