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Scarlet_Giant - Hibiscus_rosa_sinensis


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This is a beautiful flower which continually flower all the time it is growing. It prefers a neutral to acidic soil. It is very tender and can suddenly start to die if the temperature drops below about 7 degrees C although it will stand short periods close to freezing. It is in continual growth and needs to be kept slightly moist in winter. If it dries out it tends to drop its leaves. It can be trained into any shape and in the tropics it is often used as a hedge, which when in full flower is spectacular.

S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia-dup32 S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[3] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[4] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_scarlet_giant S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_scarlet_giant[2] S_hibiscus___-c_hibiscus_hardy S_hibiscus___-c_hibiscus_hardy[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_white S_hibiscus_moscheutos_luna_red-c_common_rose_mallow S_hibiscus_moscheutos_luna_pink-c_common_rose_mallow S_hibiscus_trionum-c_hibiscus_trionum_sunny_day S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_scarlet_white S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_extra_large[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_extra_large

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