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Scarlet_Giant[2] - Hibiscus_rosa_sinensis


Summer to Autumn

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Depending on the weather and how early I can plant this shrub outside it flowers from the end of May until the begining of November. This beautiful flower reminds me of my childhood in Belize when we use to pluck them fron the hedges and peel off the petals one by one and wonder about the make-up of its parts. It is tropical and tends to die if it is too cold or drop its leaves and die if it is too dry. The striking red of this flower makes it stands out in the garden.

S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia-dup32 S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[3] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_crown_of_bohemia[4] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_scarlet_giant S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_scarlet_giant[2] S_hibiscus___-c_hibiscus_hardy S_hibiscus___-c_hibiscus_hardy[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_white S_hibiscus_moscheutos_luna_red-c_common_rose_mallow S_hibiscus_moscheutos_luna_pink-c_common_rose_mallow S_hibiscus_trionum-c_hibiscus_trionum_sunny_day S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_scarlet_white S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_extra_large[2] S_hibiscus_rosa_sinensis-c_hibiscus_extra_large

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