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Brassica Wirestem


Brassica Wirestem

Usually appear in

Spring and Summer

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Caused By:-     The Fungus Thanatephorus cucumeris


Wirestem is caused by the fungus Thanatephorus cucumeris(Rhizoctonia solani) which has a wide range of plants that it attacks. The fungus mainly attacks cauliflowers and but other vegetable plants such as cabbage, lettuce and brussels sprouts are also affected. Wirestem normally attacks seedlings and causes the stems to fail and the seedling to topple over. This fungus is sometimes mis-diagnosed as grey mould because very soon after being infected by Wirestem they may well be infected by grey mould.
Molybdenum Deficiency causes the leaves of Brassica seedlings to become yellowed and narrowed and can die back. Picture by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Slide Set, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, .


Good soil hygiene is essential for seedlings. Reduce the acidity of the soil by adding Molybdenum fertilizer. A liquid leaf feed to affected plants will help.

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