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Bluebell Rust


Bluebell Rust

Usually appear in


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Caused By:-     The Fungus Uromyces muscari


Dark brown fungal pustules appear on the leaves. These may be round or elliptical. Flower or leaves are also attacked. The leaves yellow and die. It weakens the bulbs and limit flowering the following year.
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As with any fungal disease one of the best ways of preventing it is by good hygiene. Remove all dead leaves in autumn to prevent the spores from over wintering. If the leaves is from an infected plant burn them.
Check plants regularly and remove infected leaves by hand as soon as they are seen and then spray with a suitable fungicide. Spray the plant and the soil around it with a fungicide suitable for the control of rust fungus.
Watering the soil with Jayes fluid to prevent infection.
Water the compost of susceptible plants directly trying not to wet the foliage.

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