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Spring and Summer

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Caused By:-     Several species of Aphids


There are many different species of blackflies, some of which attack specific plants. They all suck the sap from the plant they infest and weaken it.
They appear black compared with the common aphid which is green, but the effects are the same.
They also transmit diseases from one plant to another.
See also these other aphids Aphids, Cypress, Green Spruce, Honeysuckle, Juniper, Lettuce Root, Lupins, Mealy Cabbage, Mealy Plum, Melon Cotton, Peach, Rose, Rosy Apple, Willow Bark Aphid, Wooly.


As an emergency quick solution I squish them between the fingers or wash them off with a strong get of water, then later spray with a knock down or systemic insecticide. Research has shown that aphids can quickly mutate to become pesticide-resistant. If using organophosphates or carbamates, rotate spraying between two or three different types.
Soap and detergent sprays can be effective, but remember that these simply wash off the greenfly, they often return and have another go! Insecticidal soaps is another useful spray.
Encourage beneficial insects like Ladybirds Lacewings, Hoverflies, Spiders and Parasitic Wasps. in the garden These predators eat the aphids and keep this pest to a minimum.
Winter tar wash or plant oil wash plants if possible as this will get rid of overwintering eggs.

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