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Hellebore Black Death


Hellebore Black Death

Usually appear in

Spring to Autumn.

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Caused By:-     The Virus Hellebore Net Necrosis Virus (HeNNV)


Hellebore Black Death is a relatively new disease, in the past 20 years, affecting Hybrid Hellebores. It is believed to be caused by a virus of the Carlavirus family given the name Hellebore Net Necrosis Virus (HeNNV).
The symptoms appear from mid-spring and causes stunting, distortion, black streaking and netting or sometimes ring patterns on the new leaves stems and flowers, particularly along the veins.
The damage becoming progressively more pronounced as the season progresses. Plants become distorted, stunted, lack the usual vigour and then die.
Some hybrid species are more affected than others.
Aphids are believed to be the vector of this virus.


As with any plant virus infections there are no chemical controls.
All infected plants should be dug up promptly burnt or destroyed.
Many plant viruses are not transmitted through seed, so raising new plants from seed may be a possible way for gardeners to ensure disease-free plants.
Aphids transmit viruses by feeding on the sap of infected plants, and thus contaminating their mouthparts with virus or disease particles. When they fly to healthy plants and begin to feed, they then infect the plant with the virus or disease.
Control of aphids is difficult or almost, but must be attempted if this virus is to be prevented.

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