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Azalea Whitefly


Azalea Whitefly

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Caused By:-     The insect Pealius azaleae


Small white spots and small white flies on the underside of leaves is an indication of infestation of Azalea Whitefly (Pealius azaleae.) The white winged insects live on the underside of the leaves of azaleas. They suck the sap and extrude honeydew. This is then the medium for other sooty moulds on the surface of some leaves. The young nymphs are flat oval whitish green, scale like which overwinters until the following year. Picture by John A. Weidhass, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,


Spray with a suitable insecticide especially when the adults are present as the eggs and nymphs are less susceptible to insecticides.

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