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Viburnum Cushion Scale


Viburnum Cushion Scale

Usually appear in

Summer to Autumn

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Caused By:-     The Scale Insect Lichtensia viburni


The Viburnum Cushion Scale Lichtensia viburni live on the underside of the leaces next to a leaf vein where it sucks the sap from the leaf and excrete honeydew. This honeydew falls on the lower leaves where it may cause sooty mould to ddevelop and attracts ants and sometimes bees. This scale insect also attacks Ivy and olives especially in sheltered areas such as against a wall.
The first sign of a scale attack is often discolouration of upper leaf surfaces, sticky leaves usually with sooty mould and reduced growth. Heavy scale infestations may kill viburnums.
Viburnum are also attacked by the Mussel Scale.
Initially they are yellow turning to brown as the female matures, flat oval insects up to 4mm long. When mature they secrete over themselves a fluffy, waxy white material in which they lay their eggs. The eggs hatch in the spring and start the re infect the Viburnums. At this stage known as the crawler stage they are vulnerable to insecticides otherwise the eggs are protected by the waxy secretions.
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Brushing of the insects with methylated spirits can be tried or if the infestation is light picking off the individual insects along with keeping an eye out for young hatchings.
Spray more heavily infested plants with a mixture of alcohol and insecticidal soap every three days for two weeks in the spring. Mix 250ml of rubbing alcohol in 1 litre of water along with the insecticidal soap.
Systemic insecticide is best as the eggs are usually protected by the waxy covering.
Scale insects can remain attached to the plant long after they are dead but new growth should be free of scales once they have been brought under control.

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