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Strawberry Black Eye


Strawberry Black Eye

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Caused By:-     Frost Damage


Strawberry Black Eye is a physiological problem caused by a late frost when the Strawberry flowers have opened. The frost damages the central florets of the flower causing it to turn black, but the petals remain white. Affected flowers will not set fruit.
Buds that are just opening, and open flowers, are more susceptible to damage.
Flowers covered by leaves, will be less susceptible than those that are fully exposed.
Not all flowers are necessary affected and partial frost damage to the flowers will not cause black eye symptoms, but the resulting fruit may be distorted.
If the frost is particularly severe even strawberry flowers under cloches or polythene can be damaged especially those flowers touching the polythene.


Avoid planting strawberries in areas known tho be frost pockets or on exposed sites.
Protect plants in flower when frost is forecast with a temporary cover weigh down to prevent it from blowing away, and lift it during the day to pollination by insects.
There’s no point in keeping strawberry flowers once they’ve been hit by frost. It’s better to pinch out the affected flowers so the plant can concentrate its energy on producing new flowers or shoots for next year.
Affected blooms are prone to attack from grey mould and other fungi, which can infect other nearby plants.

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