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Caused By:-     Environmental Conditions


Fruits such as apples, cherries, pears, plums, tomatoes and others of various kinds are prone to splitting. This is not a disease, but is usually due to environmental conditions. The main environmental conditions is sharp changing in growing conditions, especially when the plant is lacking water and suddenly it rains or is watered too much. Tomatoes are especially affected, but any fruit is liable to encounter this problem.
It can also be from uneven or sudden flush of fertiliser levels or sharp changes in temperatures.
All these environmental conditions may cause the plants to have periods where they might have very fast growth followed by slow growth and then fast growth again. These changes can cause fruit nearing maturation to crack as the internal growth of the fruit expands and the epidermis cannot stretch fast enough to accommodate the new growth.
Often when the fruit splits secondary pathogens, especially grey mould (Botrytis cinerea), enter and rots the fruit.


The best way to avoid splitting is to keep conditions as even as possible by mulching, watering thoroughly on warm and windy days, less so on cooler days, and fertilising enough, before the start of growth, to last the whole year.
In the greenhouse or conservatory, control temperature and sunlight levels carefully to avoid extremes, using combinations of heating, ventilation and white greenhouse paint as appropriate.

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