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Small Ermine Moths


Small Ermine Moths

Usually appear in

Summer to Autumn

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Caused By:-     Various species of Ermine Moths


There are several species of Small Ermine Moths, which are small, whitish, elongated moths having a row of black dots along the sides of the body when the wings are folded and are about 1cm long. Some can defoliate certain plants trees or shrubs from nettles to apple trees. Although alarming, the plant trees or shrubs usually recover and grow new leaves.
The caterpillar cover plants or trees with a wispy tent like web, under which they feed protected from the elements and insecticides.
Although some are omnivorous and attack several species most can be identified on the basis of the tree on which it is feeding.
The adults tend to emerge around May/June may seen up to August. The different species are very similar and it is often easier to identify the moth by its plant or tree it is eating.
Some species are the The Apple Ermine (Yponomeuta malinellus), The Bird-cherry Ermine Moth (Yponomeuta evonymella), The Orchard Ermine (Yponomeuta padella), The Spindle Ermine (Yponomeuta cagnagella), The Thistle Ermine (Myelois circumvoluta), The Willow Ermine (Yponomeuta rorrella).
Pictures by Ian F. Smith,


Light infestations can be pruned out. Otherwise Spray forcible with insecticide so that the insecticide can get inside the tented structure.
Biological control can be carried out using the bacterial spray Bacillus thuringiensis.

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