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Rose Replanting Sickness


Rose Replanting Sickness

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Caused By:-     Symbiosis fungi


Rose sickness is a problem with roses where a rose has been removed and a new rose put in its place. The new rose either does not perform well or in some cases never properly establishes and dies. This problem lasts in the soil for many years.
The cause is still debatable, but it is thought to be as a result of a gradual build-up of the fungus around the old rose roots and the surrounding soil. Both the fungus and the old rose seem to live quite happily in symbiosis. However, when a new rose is planted in the same area, the fungus seems to 'attack' the new rose resulting in it not getting established as it should.
This problem is also a problem with other Rosacea family species like apple, pears, quince, plums and cherries and pyracantha.


Watering the soil with soil sterilant or removing most of the soil and then adding lots of manure and humus for the new roses.
Planting the new rose in soil inside a cardboard box with new soil and manure will let the new rose establish before the fungus can do any damage.
It is suggested that planting French Marigolds(Tagetes) in the area and digging them in to the soil also helps cure the problem.
There is a now a commercially produced naturally occurring mycorrhizal fungi that when added to the roots of the new plant and soil after removing a rose is said to cure this problem.

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