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Rose Bloom Balling


Rose Bloom Balling

Usually appear in

Spring to Autumn.

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Caused By:-     Weather Conditions


Rose Bloom Balling is a condition where the flower bud develops normally to full size and starts to open, but the petals fail to open. It is caused by cool, damp conditions, often in a partially shady site, where the outer petals become waterlogged and does not dry out before being scorched by the sun. The now dead flower petal tissues dries and stick together which constricts the inner petals from opening. The problem tends to affects the roses with thin petals and double flowered cultivars. As this is not a disease, but due to weather conditions it causes no lasting damage to the rose tree.


The only option is to cut off the damaged buds and wait for new ones to develop. If damaged buds are not removed, there's a risk that fungus may develop and cause the stems to die back. Avoid watering the flower petals early in the morning before the sun comes up. This is caused by cool and wet weather often coupled with shade where petals have little chance of drying. Early-flowering roses, thin petalled and double flowered cultivars are particularly prone to this disfiguring problem. Choose an open site free of shade which allows natural drying. Arranging cover for flowering roses when rain is forecast either for individual flowers or the whole tree.

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