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Apple Blossom Weevil


Apple Blossom Weevil

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Caused By:-     The Weevil Anthonomus pomorum


The apple flower buds start to develo, but the petals fail to open and turn brown.If these buds are pulled apart a white larvae or pupa is found. These buds do not produce fruit. This weevil lays its egg in the unopened buds during mid to late spring. The adult weevil is brown with white markings on the top surface. It is about 4 to 6 mm long. Picture from Wikimedia Commons.
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Usually it is only light infestation and the tree recovers well. If a heavy infestation has occurred the previous year spraying, when the buds are at the green stage, with pirimiphos-methyl or Ffenitrothion is effective.

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