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Usually appear in

Spring to Autumn.

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Caused By:-     A Fungal Plant Pathogen


Uromyces is a genus of fungal plant pathogens in the family Pucciniaceae. Many species causes rust in various plants. Some are specific to a particular plant species and others are omni-pathogenic.
Some species of Uromyces are U. apiosporus, U. appendiculatus, U. beticola, U. ciceris-arietini, U. dactylidis, U. dianthi, U. euphorbiae, U. gladioli, U. graminis, U. inconspicuus, U. lineolatus, U. medicaginis, U. musae, U. muscari, U. oblongus, U. pisi, U. proƫminens var. poinsettiae, U. trifolii-repentis, U. transversalis, U. trifolii-repentis, U. umiamensis, U. viciae-fabae. See also GLADIOLUS RUST, BEAN RUST, BLUEBELL RUST. Picture by Central Science Laboratory, Harpenden Archive, British Crown,


Various strategies depending on plant affected.

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