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Phellinus Pomaceous


Phellinus Pomaceous

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Caused By:-     The Fungus Phellinus pomaceous(Fomes pomaceous)


This name is another name for the FOMES FUNGI. There are several species of Fomes fungi which attack a variety of trees. from Apple to Pine trees, and causing fungal fruiting bodies to appear on the branches or trunk. Some like F. Annonus rots the roots and foot of the trees. Others like F. pomaceous attack branches and trunks and causes the wood inside to rot and weaken the branches or trunk. Some young trees can be attacked by these fungi, but usually it is older trees that are attacked. Cankers are often formed once the infection has infected the tree. The fungus usually enter the tree by pruning cuts or damage to the bark of trees. Picture from Wikimedia Commons.


There is little that can be done except pruning out the infected branch well beyond the infection and removing fruiting bodies to stop the spores from affecting other trees. With luck the tree's own defenses will help prevent the spread. A tree surgeon should be called to inspect the tree in case it is dangerous as this fungus attacks the heartwood of the tree leaving it in a physically weakened state even though the tree seems to be growing normally.

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