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Peony Wilt


Peony Wilt

Usually appear in

Spring to Summer

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Caused By:-     The fungus Botrytis paeoniae


Peony wilt is a fungal infection by Botrytis paeoniae, which attacks the leaves and stems of peonies, including tree peonies, causing the foliage to collapse and flowers die before opening. The basal parts of the flower stalk, which are wilting, look perfectly sound and in wet conditions a fuzzy fungal growth may be seen.
Botrytis paeoniae forms black, seed-like resting spores in the tissues it kills. The dead plant materials fall to the soil and remain there until the following spring. They then germinate and release airborne spores which infect leaves and stems when conditions are suitably wet. Infected tissues turn brown and die rapidly. Further airborne spores are released from fuzzy grey fungal growth on the affected parts under wet conditions. This fungus is related to Botrytis cinerea which has a wide host range, but Botrytis paeoniae only attacks peonies.
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Spraying with fungicides will help, but is not always effective. Therefore good hygiene is essential by removing all infected material promptly and burn. This will reduce the production of airborne spores and prevent the formation of spores contaminating the soil.

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