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Pear and Apple Canker


Pear and Apple Canker

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Caused By:-     The Fungus Nectria galligena


Areas of the bark sinks inwards. It is most often associated with a wound or bud. The bark changes colour and shrinks and cracks forming concentric rings of bark which easily peels off. As the fungus grows around the stems the upper branches and leaves die back. In summer raised white fungal pustules form on the canker and in winter red fruiting bodies develop. Fruits can often rot prematurely. Other trees like Poplars, beeches, sorbus, willow and horthorns can also be infected.
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This fungus spreads mainly by wind blowing the spores in spring. Therefore winter tar oil wash will help. When it has taken hold the affected areas must be cut out and the wound treated with various wound paints. Some sprays are effective on the fungus and some varieties of apples and pears are more susceptible to the fungus.

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