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Caused By:-     Several species of Rodent mice


There are several species of mice rodent that causes damage in the garden. Although the damage done in the garden is often unseen. They dig holes in pots to make nest in pots and in the greenhouse they scatter soil everywhere in the process of digging a nest. They often dig up areas where you have planted Crocuses, sweetcorn, peas and beans. In the autumn they enter houses to try and overwinter. In the garden I do not mind them, but come the autumn they are a pest that can bring disease into your life.
Picture from Wikimedia Commons
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There are several things that can be done to discourage them in your garden. One is to own a cat, but that brings its own problems. Clearing up bird table food spillage as this is an easy source of food that encourages them into your garden. Another way is to use an ultrasonic sound maker which if it is working does seem to work. The problem is knowing if it is working as after a certain age humans cannot hear the ultrasonic sound. What I do to prevent them getting into the house in the Autumn is to seal up any small holes in the floorboard with silicon rubber from a mastic gun. You need to do a thorough search for even the smallest gap. Also to prevent them trying to get into the house is not to leave any food such as breadcrumbs or bits of dinner lying about and make sure your rice flour etc is in jars or well sealed to prevent the smell from enticing them. Finally make sure the gap under the door is small enough to prevent them from squeezing through. I hate setting traps or putting down poison bait, but they do work

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