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Pea and Bean Weevil


Pea and Bean Weevil

Usually appear in

Spring to Summer

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Caused By:-     The Weevil Sitona lineatus


Sitona lineatus feed on peas vetch, lentil, and beans in gardens but is usually a minor pest causing little damage to the crop, but in some countries it can be a major pest. As an adult, this Weevil feeds on the leaves of many leguminous species including red and white clover producing u shaped notches in the leaves. Eggs are laid on the soil and the larvae hatch, burying into the soil. The larvae feed on the roots and root tubercles which decreases the nitrogen accumulation in the soil by leguminous plants.
Picture from Wikimedia Commons.
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Spraying with a knock down insecticide and also soaking the soil with a suitable soil sterilant and insecticide.

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