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Leaf Weevils


Leaf Weevils

Usually appear in

Spring to Summer

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Caused By:-     Various Weevil Beetles


Leaf weevils come in many different colours and shapes. They are slow moving beetles of a general shape. The larvae of which also eats the roots of the host usually in the winter. In UK, The green Leaf Weevil(Polydrusus impressifrons) is a common pest of Oaks, Birches, Sorbus and Beech,apple, elm, linden, oak, peach, pear, plum, poplar, rose, strawberry and willow by eating the leaves. The Green Leaf Weevil can be present in large numbers, but rarely stay around after they have caused the initial damage. This damage can happen quite rapidly. Edges of leaves are mostly eaten, but sometimes there are also holes in the leaf. It is usually active in late spring to early summer. It's damage is not confined to those trees listed above. Other trees can also have leaf damage.
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Spraying with a knock down insecticide will control these pest, but soaking the soil with a pesticide will also be necessary to kill the eggs and larvae which overwinter in the soil.

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