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Juniper Webber Moth


Juniper Webber Moth

Usually appear in

Summer to Autumn

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Caused By:-     The Caterpillar of the moth Dichomeris marginella


The larvae or caterpillar of the moth Dichomeris marginella after hatching eats the the internal foliage while living in a communal web. It is a very light brown body with dark stripes above and below and is up to 14 mm long. The leaves dries up and dies leaving a patch of brown foliage covered in web. After eating it forms a pupa in a silken cocoon which pupates from the webbed foliage into an adult in July to August. There is only one generation per year and the pupa and eggs will overwinter.
Picture from Wikimedia Commons


Spraying with an insecticide ensuring the insecticide gets into the web or cutting out the affected branches and burn. Some parasitic wasps may attack the caterpillar keeping them in check. Spraying with the Bacillus thuringiensis may also be effective.

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