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Tomato Blotchy Ripening


Tomato Blotchy Ripening

Usually appear in

Colder months of the year

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Caused By:-     Unknown, but probably Environmental Conditions


Tomato Blotchy Ripening is a problem which is not fully understood, but environmental conditions, damage during fertilisiation and or thrips-transmitted Tomato spotted wilt virus seems to play a major part in its cause. The symptoms are yellow or green patches merging into red areas of the ripened fruit. The lighter areas do not ripened and the tissue inside remains hard. The affected area is usually on the upper portion of the fruit, but can appear randomly on the fully grown fruit that is ripening. This disorder can easily be confused with symptoms produced by the tobacco mosaic virus. Environmental conditions is the most likely cause. Picture by David Riley, University of Georgia,


Environmental factors that are associated with this problem are first of all temperature control, between day and night temperatures, especially as the problem mostly appear in the colder months of the year. This also suggests light levels may be part of the cause. Improper fertilisation due to the conditions may also play a part. The next probable cause is the cultivar or variety as some varieties are more prone to this problem. Moisture levels in the soil and the air, along with the above causes, could cause nutrients take up leading to the problem, but experiments with foliar feeding does not appear to solve the problem. Lastly bacteria and viruses may be involved, but this seems unlikely.

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