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High Temperature Damage to Plants


High Temperature Damage to Plants

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Caused By:-     Too much Sun


Sun and Heat damage to plants can cause more subtle effects than those of extreme cold, which will kill a plant very quickly. Exposure to too much sun can generate very high temperatures in plant tissues, leading to dehydration and death of tissues. Sunburn injury to above ground parts of a plant like leaves, bark, flowers, and fruit is caused by excessive exposure to solar radiation especially after bringing plants outside from indoors or a greenhouse. With sunburn chlorophyll in the upper layers of the leaf tissues may die and the leaves will appear white or red-brown. Dehydration and death may occur even if there is enough water in the soil. The plant may wilt and when desiccation reaches a high enough level parts of the plant may die. New growth is particularly sensitive to sunburn. Plant death from sunburn or heat leads to a slow and lingering death of the plant or the plant may survive in a stunted or chlorotic state for one year or more. Sunburned bark is mainly a winter problem in the UK as most trees are deciduous and loses its leaves in winter. Then after the injury is done by the sun it then may freeze which accentuate the damage. Young trees with thin bark and newly planted trees are particularly affected. Initially the bark appears discoloured and then becomes dry with cracking and peeling. After The damage is usually most severe on the south or southwest sides of branches and trunks. Wood-boring insects and fungi causing wood decay often follow on from the injury. Bomb-fires is often another major cause of heat damage to trees and plants. Greenhouses without ventilation can also cause high temperature damage. Picture by R.L. Croissant,


Once the damage is done there is little that can be done apart from releaving the stress to the plant or tree. To avoid or protect against sunburn on bark paint tree trunks and limbs white. Always harden off plants before setting them outside. Protect delicate plants by wrapping the trunks with paper or a protective layer. Make sure newly planted trees are well watered as water deficiency is a crucial factor in contributing to injury in newly planted trees. Keep bomb-fires well away from trees and plants. Fix automatic ventilation to all greenhouses.

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