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Helleborus Leaf Blotch


Helleborus Leaf Blotch

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Caused By:-     The Fungus Coniothyrium hellebori


Very few diseases affect Hellebores( Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose), but leaf blotch is an unsightly brown or black areas or blotches which appear on the leaves and stems of this plant. These blotches may merge leaving larger dead parts of the leaves. Spots may also occur on the flowers and lower stems, leading to wilting above the point of attack. It is caused by the fungus Coniothyrium hellebori and as with most fungi it likes moist damp conditions without a good airflow.


It is often difficult to cure this fungus with fungicide therefore spraying should be done after removing and burning all the infected leaves and stems. Then feeding the plant to encourage new growth. There are a few resistant varieties of Hellebores that can be used otherwise try growing another type of plant in the area if possible.

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