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Ganoderma Fungi


Ganoderma Fungi

Usually appear in

Summer to Autumn

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Caused By:-     Various species of Fungi from the genus Ganoderma


There are several species of bracket fungi of the genus Ganoderma which causes of decay in the heartwood of a very wide range of tree and palm species all over the world. The rot is usually in the lower 4-5 feet of the trunk where the bracket fruiting bodies appear. Most have a beige to brown bread crust like appearance on their upper surfaces. The fungi has a special place in Asian medicine almost to the extent that Gensing has and some are said to have cancer healing powers. Their presence is often taken to indicate that a hazard assessment may be necessary as the heartwood gradually becomes softer and loses its stiffness, which will eventually cause the tree to fall over. Picture form Wikimedia COMMONS.


Apart from removing the bracket fruiting bodies to prevent the spread there is very little that can be done apart from monitoring the tree to make sure it is safe from falling over. This is because the rot will continue to soften the wood from inside the tree and eventually the tree will have to be felled.

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