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Damping Off


Damping Off

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Caused By:-     Various Fungi


Damping off occurs when seedlings suddenly die soon after emerging. Often they show discolouration an deterioration around the base of the seedlings. Some leaves may look waterlogged. Various fungi is the cause as one or more will enter the plant and disrupt the normal cell processes. Some of the fungi causing the problem are Pythium and Rhizoctonia solani which survive as spores in the soil, Phyllosticta and Pseudomonas fungi. The grey mould that often accompanies damping off is caused by Botrytis cinerea. Picture by R.K. Jones, North Carolina State University,


The major cause of damping off is the inappropriate growing conditions especially too much heat combined with wet conditions and poor light. Watering the soil with appropriate fungicide may halt some fungi growth and allow normal plant development. Hygiene in seed growing is essential. One way is to hat the soil in a microwave oven or with heat above 160 degrees Centigrade for about one hour. Buying good seed compost that have been sterilized is recomended.

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