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Cucumber Mosaic Virus


Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Usually appear in

Spring to Summer

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Caused By:-     A virus.


Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) is one of the most common plant viruses and can infect about 700 plant species and about 90 plant families. The symptoms vary according to the host plant, but can include leaf mosaic or mottling, especially yellow mottling, distortion and stunting. This virus was first found in cucumbers showing mosaic symptoms hence the name Cucumber mosaic. It usually overwinters in various weeds and is transmitted by aphids or mechanical means. The virus cannot withstand drying or persist in the soil. It can also be transmitted in seeds. If cucumber fruit are produced they are small, pitted and dark green with bight yellow blotches. Picture by William M. Brown Jr.,


There is no known cure for this disease so infected plants should be destroyed. Keeping weeds under control and avoiding aphid attacks. To prevent mechanical transmitting the virus avoid handling healthy plants after handling diseased ones and wash hands and tools after handling infected plants.

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