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Cedar Aphid

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Cedar Aphid

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Caused By:-     The Aphid Cedrobium lapportei


Cedar aphid (Cedrobium lapportei), which originates from Morocco, is a small aphid about 1.5-2mm long and greyish-brown with a paler stripe starting from the head end. They suck the sap from the tree and weaken it. It infests cedars at the bases of the leaves during May and June, and this can result in the affected leaves turning yellow and being shed in summer. Honeydew is excreted by the aphids which makes the foliage sticky and sooty mould and other fungi frequently develops, both on the tree and on the ground underneath where honeydew fallen.


If the tree is small it can be sprayed with an insecticide. Hosing down the tree with a strong jet of water then spraying with a fungicide will clear up the aphids and the mould. enticing aphid predators like ladybirds, lace wings and hoverflies should control the aphids.

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