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Carrot Motley Dwarf Virus


Carrot Motley Dwarf Virus

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Caused By:-     Virus


Carrots and Parsley plants infected at the seed stage will be stunted, and yellow to red in color. Plants appear as if they are suffering a nutritional deficiency. When plants are infected at later stages of growth, plants may or may not have stunted or twisted leaf growth, but although some leaves will remain green others will be red or yellow, or a mixture of red and yellow.


Carrot motley dwarf virus symptoms are caused by the infection of carrots by two viruses which are Carrot Redleaf virus and Carrot Mottle virus. Both of these viruses are spread by aphids. Sone cultivars are more resistant to infection. The time of planting can also influence the infection as the viruses are more likely to affect cooler climates. Aphid prevention techniques and removal of overwintering roots along with crop rotation will help to prevent attack of these viruses.

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