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Carrot Root Fly


Carrot Root Fly

Usually appear in

Summer to Autumn

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Caused By:-     The Insect Psila rosae


The roots of the carrots and related species are bored by a slim creamy-yellow maggots up to about 1cm long.As the tunneled parts die this leaves a brown stain usually on the surface of the root crop. This attack can lead to secondary attack by fungus. Picture by Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,


The larvae of the carrot fly has two or three generations per year and therefore the time of plantings can be important. For example carrots sown towards the end of Spring usually miss the first generation of attack by the fly. Growing at different heights can also help as it is believed that the carrot fly usually flies close to the ground. Some cultivars of Carots are less attacked by the fly. Spraying and watering with a systemic insecticide should stop attacks. Growing strong smelling plants next to the carrots can stop attacks. Also avoid crushing the leaves of the carrots as this attracks the fly to the crop.

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