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This page as updated on 22nd March 2014

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The plum tree in in bloom and with the peach and nectarine I am pollinating them with a soft brush in the hope of abundant fruits. I have decided to cut an old branch off the grape vine and as it has been so mild it is now too late to prune as the sap is rising. I have had to strangulate it with a wire band to stop it from bleeding to death.

Plum0314 Grapevinecut0314
The Bergenia is flowering well next to the pond The Acasis only has a few flowers. The Nectarine and the peach tree are in full bloom. The cherry tree is about to burst into bloom

Bergeina0314 Acasia0314 Nectarine0314 Peaches0314 Cherries0314
The close up of one of the flowering cherries is so beautiful. On a sunny day like this one it is wonderful. My Neighbour's Magnolia has started to drop its petals. In the back garden the Kerria japonica is in full bloom. Pity I have to reduce its spread every year, otherwise it takes over almost everything. The Armandii clematis is also in full bloom and the scent is wonderful. This evergreen clematis is a great winter spring flowering wonder. The Grevellia is also opening its red flowers.

Flcherryf0314 Magnolis0314 Kerria0314 Armandii0314 Grevillea0314
In the road at the top of my road the flowering ornamental cherries are in full bloom and are giving a magnificent display. Looking down the road is a great pleasure. It is a pity it only lasts a couple of weeks.

Beaulah0314 Flcherrya0314 Flcherryb0314 Flcherryd0314 Flcherrye0314
Its now March and the Dancing ladies orchid has started to flower. The Clivia in the back conservatory is now in full bloom. The Lemon tree has suffered this winter even though it was very mild. Something must be wrong with the soil. Both types of Rhipsalis are in flower.

Oncidium0314 Clivia0314 Lemon0314 Rhipsalisb0314 Rhipsalis0314

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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