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This page as updated on 14th January 2011

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I have made massive changes to the coding for this website. I have checked most of it in several browsers like Internet explorer, Firefox and Safari. I have also done some checking on some handhelds like the Iphone and Ipad, but there are hundreds of pages to check so if someone finds there is a problem in viewing this website please drop me an email. The changes should make it much more stable in all viewing devices and a little faster to load. If anyone find the website breaking up in their favourite viewing platform please let me know what browser including the version number you are using and where in the website it has happened. Its been raining for several says over the past two weeks, but inside some of the plants are continuing to flower. The Achema which flowered late in the season last year is continuing to flower. The Christmas Cactus is also flowering. Outside I have dug up the Jerusalem Artichokes and replanted half the crop. I have covered these one with some soil until I need them. The Rosemary is in full flower and will be so until about June when it will rest for a couple of months. Between now and the end of February is the time to prune fruit trees and deciduous trees. Here each fruiting spur of the grape vine is reduced to two spurs. Actually here I have left four spurs. Next year the weaker spur will be removed and the stronger spur will be reduced to two again.

Achema0111 Chcacti0111 Articke0111 Rsmary0111 Prune0111
Its now 7th January 2011 and work has begun in preparation for next years show. I have emptied my compost bin and refilled several beds and pots in the front garden, by adding rotted compost to them. I have now run out and will have to buy some in. In an effort to cut down on bacteria, fungi and insect attack I will water the soil with some Jays fluid and leave to stand for some time before planting.
I have also spent time in updating the events, which i have neglected whilst re-writing the website. So there is lots of garden related events up till the end of the new year. I will add more as I find them out. The Stritlitzia Regina started sending up flower spikes since November and now have several flower spikes with buds that will open later in the year. I have planted the Garlic and Onion seeds and have started to order my seeds for next years show. The Boxus still have berries on and is stat=rting to flower again. The Winter Jasmin is starting to flower. The epiphillum which has been in flower since November is still flowering well.

Potsbeds2011 Stritlitzia0111 Boxus0111 Wjasmin0111 Epiphillum0111

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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