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This page as updated on 27th August 2010

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I have been busy adding pests and diseases to the website, getting on with the garden routines and eating the produce from the front garden. The taste of the various crops were excellent and reminds me why I do not regularly buy these items from supermarkets. Still in the back garden the Angels Trumpets, White, Pink and yellow and the Anenome are in full flower again. At long last the Agapanthus has flowered. I am doing something wrong as they should be producing better than this lonely flower. The Budleja is still flowering well and so is my special Fuchsias. The Canna has at last put in an appearance. This one should be a brilliant red, but the colour is more Orange. It must be the soil conditions.

Angelstrump0810 Agapant0810 Budleja0810 Fuchsia0810 Canna0810
Carrying on the gardens in Walthamstow theme. The next garden is my friend Dikon on East Avenue almost opposite where it meets with Churh Lane. The mass display of Anenomes is a great sight along with his very prim and proper Holly hedge. the next is on the corner of Sailsbury Road and Grove Road. A simple low maintenance, but effective garden. Then comes one at 97 Beaulah Road,

Dikoneastave Sailsburyrd Beaulahrd Bishopclose0810 No4beaulah0810
How about these gardens that are doing Walthamstow proud. The first one is on Leyton High Street, Number 731, Near the Big Tesco Supermarket. It was very noticeable against all the other gardens that were concreted over with nothing in. The next two are in Orford Road Pass the Village pub and going towards Church lane. The next two are in Church Lane. The first one is the usual No.11. This garden is always this good every year. The next is two gardens each with one mass plant Lavender and Arundo-Donas Mas grass in Eden Road.

Highrdlytn Orfordrd1 Orfordrd2 Churchln Churchln2
I can now start eating the fruits of the garden without worrying about looks as the Open Days are over for this year. I am especially looking forward to a good crop of the hottest pepper the Habernero. The plant on the roof has a good crop already and the year is not over as yet. The Aubergenes are also looking good. The Yellow Plum tomatoes are looking great I am waiting until they are fully ripe in order to taste them. In the back garden the Lobelia is flowering well and the Anenome has finally put in a show.

Habernero0810 Aubergene0810 Yelplmtom0810 Lobeliab0810 Anemone0810
Well it is now August and visitors to my open day had a special treat as the Dutchmand Pipe or Aristicolia litoralis had just opened its last flower. I have been very busy with getting the village ready for the Britain in Bloom competition. That has now passed today. I do hope we do well. All thanks is due to Helen Lerner and her crew of volunteers she has worked so hard for the village trying and succeeding in getting every villager to tidy and tend their gardens. Thanks is also due to Waltham Forest council who did a great deal to help in many ways, but mainly in sending crews to help us remove rubbish etc. from the village. I was outside when the judges arrived and they were very interested in my front garden full of fruits food and herbs. My last Open Day for the NGS was on the 8th and after the disappointing attendances for the last two Open Days this one was a success with about 43 visitors. In total we made around (£)843 for the charity. I can now get back to normal with the garden and continue to improve the pest and diseases section. The Angels Fishing rods which are now planted in the ground are flowering at their best with masses of flowers. There is a glorious Dahlia now in flower. The Marvel of Peru which opens in the evening is doing its bit to liven up the garden with flowers and scent as is the Nicotina.

Dutchmanspipe0810 Dierama0810 Dahlia0810 Mirabilis0810 Nicotina0810

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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