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This page as updated on 27th September 2009

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The garden is looking a little shabby att he moment as many plants start to get ready for winter, but there are several plants that are still surprising me and many still producing flowers. The Bird of Paradise is actually producing flower buds which is a surprise as it usually start producing these in Feburary. All three different colour of Angels Trumpets are producing another flush of flowers and scent. The Plumbago is also still flowering so are the Begonias, Ivy leaf Geraniums, Spider flower, Roses, Dahlias, Fuchsias, Lobelias, and many more. The Autumn Crocus is also in flower.

Birdofpara909 Plumbago909 Angelstrumpet909 Begonia909 Colchicum909b
I only have about four plants of tomatoes and I already have too much for my own use and are giving many away. I have Moneymaler, Alicante and a Cherry tomato plants. Well it is now Autumn and although late the Bomarea is flowering after its initial mishap. Finally the Alocasia has started to put on a lot of growth, but it has come too late as the nights are getting cold even though the daytime temperature is reasonable. The Cats tail seems to have established itself well in the dry area and is still flowering well.

Tomato909 Tomatob909 Bomarera909 Alocasia909 Catstail909
There are always surprises in my garden. This week I have found that the Nephentes in the back conservatory is about to flower and this white Sempervivum is in flower I expected it to be pink like the others. The Lantana camara which has survived outside on the roof of the front porch is in full flower. So also is the yellow variety at the back and the Ginger lily.

Nepenthes909 Sempervivium909 Lantanapink909 Lantanayel909 Gingerlilyb909
It is now September and the garden still looks OK as many plants are flowering very late this year due to the cool summer we have experienced. The Dahlia in the front garden is only now reaching its best and the Thumbergia , Petunias and Verbenias are still flowering profusely. One pleasant surprise for me is the Colchicum waterlily which is now in flower at its usual time. The Snake flower is still flowering well in the front garden.

Frontgardenn909 Dahliab909 Thumbergia909 Colchicum909 Ornithogallum909
This time of the year there is a lot of pruning to be done and the view from above the top of the ladder gives a different of view of the garden as the next two pictures show. The Ivy wall with pot plants implanted is still looking good. This is a good way to make Ivy walls more interesting. The Bird of paradise seeds are getting larger and the seed pods do have a certain quaint beauty. The Dahlias are now coming into their own at this time of the year as are the golden rod in the background of the picture.

Pruningb909 Pruning909 Birdofparadise909 Ivy909 Dahlia909
The Fermentodendron is having a second flush of flowers and at long last the Ginger Lily and the Tibuchina are about to flower. The Nectarine are nearly ready to be picked. I hope I get to eat them before something eat them as something eat all my Hazelnuts. and the Iochroma is a mass of flowers.

Fermentodendron909 Gingerlily909 Tibuchina909 Nectarine909 Iochroma909
The Ensete has grown larger in the past month and is looking splendid amongst the green foliage of the other plants. The Bergamoth has finished flowering, but I will not cut it back until spring starts as it will provide protection for the roots. In the back conservatory the Mandevilla is at last producing several flowers and at the front the Lantana has carried on flowering well.

Ensete909 Arumitalicum909 Bergamoth909 Mandevilla909 Lantana909
Despite its setback the Medinilla is now flowering. I have two flowers left on the plant. The Poderama is now flowering well in the front garden. The Golden Rod is now in bloom. At the back the Cleome is looking great whilst the bush type is past its best. The Phlox is still flowering well. Everything is about a month late this year, because the weather has been so cold and wet relatively speaking.

Medinilla909 Poderama909 Cleome909 Goldenrod909 Phlox909

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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