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This page as updated on 29th July 2009

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The Medinilla magnifica is flowering I do hope it fully comes out unlike last year when I dropped it and it smashed and eventually died. In the front garden the Dianella tasminica berries are almost all now purple and looking good. My Banana plant suffered from the frost last year and is just comming back so I have tried this Ensette in its place and it has worked extremely well and it should be more hardy. The Japanese Anenome is at last producing some flowers. It is in a very shady area so I do expect it to be late in flowering. I do love this dark red Ivy leaf Geranium Which has survived from last year.

Medinella709 Dianella709 Ensete709 Anemone709 Ger709
The Hoya in the back conservatory is flowering after its great shock where there was severe die-back. The choice of Pentas for this raised bed has proved successful despite the cold summer so far. The Nastursums are trying to take over, but the ones I was hoping to be in flower now are still small. Mt tropical Hibiscusses are struggling with this cool summer, but are still flowering. The Crocosmia is just coming into its best for this year.

Hoya709 Pentas709 Nastursum709 Hibiscus709 Crocosmia709
All three of the Angels Trumpets are in full flower and in the late afternoon to evening the garden smells great. In the front garden the Ornithogalum is starting to flower and in the same picture the purple of the Daniella berries adds contrast and interest. In the conservatory the Venus Fly Trap is flowering.

Angelstrumpetsy709 Angelstrumpetsw709 Angelstrumpetsp709 Ornithogallum709 Venusflytrap709
There are many different fuchsias in my garden this one in the front fence is a rather tender one that has just survived the winter and is now re-flowering. At the back of the garden is the Crinums that has just start to send up flowering umbels. This hardy Geranium is hanging from a pot. On the bay roof This variety of lily always produce a magnificent spike of flowers. At long last my White Agapanthus is providing a week umbels of flowers.

Fuchsia709 Crinum709 Geranium709 Lily709 Agapanthus709
In the front garden the Lantana is at last in full flower and the Bougainvillea is now flowering. It has taken both of these plants a long time to recover from the harsh winter, but it is pleasing to see them in flower. Some of the Roses are flowering for the second time this year and some Dahlias are just coming into flower.The seed pod of the Stephanotis has burst and shedding its seeds which has Dandilion like tufts for wind distribution.

Lantana709 Bougainvillea709 Rose709 Dahlia709 Stephanotisseeds
The strawberries I have in a wall container has provided me with lots of strawberries for the past month. I have two varieties in the container a large variety and a small one. The large variety looks splendorously delicious, but is tasteless. The small variety is absolutely delicious. In the front garden my hard work hand pollinating the peaches in March has paid off and I have some peaches to show for it. In the back I have some nectarines as well. The Leucanthemums look good in the front garden and at last the Everlasting peas in the front garden is flowering. Since putting the Wisteria on the other side of the arch it seems that it shades the light to the peas and they are not as vigorous as before. Never-the-less they look great.

Strawberries709 Peaches709 Leucanthemum709 Everlastingw709 Everlastingp709
Well it is now July and two of my Open days have passed. The first was not bad with just over 100 persons attending, but the second only had 28 visitors. I suppose it was because Wimbledon finals was on at the same time. Anyway The first picture shows the front garden as of the 30th June. It is now looking better as the plants anf flowers mature. It will look even better in August. The wrens are still about and using the bird bath. I only just managed to catch a glimpse of this one. In the late afternoon and evening the various birds chirping makes the garden even more calming. My Neighbour from down the road was one of my visitors on the 5th July Open day. One of my rose trees is giving a great display and IN order to solve the humidity problem for my Vanda Orchid and other plants I have rigged up an atomiser with an automatic water level using a couple of plastic bottles.

Frontgarden709 Wren709 Neighbour709 Roses709 Atomiser709

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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