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Chelsea Flower Show floral displays I do not have time as yet to include the write up of each garden and floral display, but will add names and designers to them later. The Best in show garden was good, but to me it was too much green and very little flower colour except a dash of white. It is the first garden in the second row up from the start of the Chelsea pictures in this blog.

Chelsea508a46 Chelsea508a47 Chelsea508a48 Chelsea508a49 Chelsea508a50
Chelsea Flower Show floral displays and display stands in the main marquee.

Chelsea508a41 Chelsea508a42 Chelsea508a43 Chelsea508a44 Chelsea508a45
Chelsea Flower Show display stands in the main marguee.

Chelsea508a36 Chelsea508a37 Chelsea508a38 Chelsea508a39 Chelsea508a40
Chelsea Flower Show Presidents choice for the best garden from Australia It was spectacular, but I don't think the wood in the water is practical, the show ushers immaculately dressed ready to show you where to eat etc. Some company stands selling pots and ornamental trees and statues and fabulous glass tables. The tree is meant to be lit from the bottom when it looks spectacular. Two display stands in the main marquee

Chelsea508a31 Chelsea508a32 Chelsea508a33 Chelsea508a34 Chelsea508a35
Chelsea Flower Show display gardens. The last garden in this group is the George Harrison (of Beatles fame) garden. The writing on the step says "Floating down the stream of life.... from life to life with me..George Harrison

Chelsea508a26 Chelsea508a27 Chelsea508a28 Chelsea508a29 Chelsea508a30
Chelsea Flower Show display gardens and one company selling garden ornaments.I took a liking to this shell ornament. Wish I could afford it.

Chelsea508a21 Chelsea508a22 Chelsea508a23 Chelsea508a24 Chelsea508a25
Chelsea Flower Show display gardens

Chelsea508a16 Chelsea508a17 Chelsea508a18 Chelsea508a19 Chelsea508a20
Chelsea Flower Show display gardens

Chelsea508a11 Chelsea508a12 Chelsea508a13 Chelsea508a14 Chelsea508a15
Chelsea Flower Show Large display gardens. The best in show garden is the first picture.

Chelsea508a6 Chelsea508a7 Chelsea508a8 Chelsea508a9 Chelsea508a10
Chelsea Flower Show Large display gardens.

Chelsea508a1 Chelsea508a2 Chelsea508a3 Chelsea508a4 Chelsea508a5
After the trauma of the past two months of disasters and despite the neglect the front garden is still looking good. In the front garden the single yellow rose is giving a massive display. So are the Alliums and the weeds, but one weed that I like to let go rampant is the geranium robertainum which looks magnificent whilsst hiding the pots. On the roof the Aeonium Zwartkop and the climbing red rose Oklahoma. In the back garden I have the Strilitzia on a stand in flower. This year it has been so cold so far that it is flowering late, but at least I can enjoy it in the garden.

Yrose508 Allium508 Robertainum508 Aeonium508 Strilitzia508
The Australian Bottle Brush is now in full flower, So is the Aquilega in the pot on the fence.Another new aquisition last year was the Motherworth which is doing very well in a difficult area of the garden. The Holly and the Quaking grass is also in flower. my neighbour across the road has an ornamental cherry whch is in full flower.

Austbbrush508 Motherw508 Aquilega508 Quakgrass508 Mayflower508
The Agave was getting so large that it was starting to overhang the jacuzzi. I had to dig it up to move it a little to the right and rebuild my dry area. I was surprised to find that it had not split its original pot as I feared for so large a plant. I was surprised how little roots it had. Another new Aquisition is a Vanda orchid which is now flowering along with the Phalanopsis orchids. Another new plant for this year is another Arum lily to add to my collection It is an Arisema now flowering in the garden.

Agavepot508 Agaver508 Vanda508 Phalanopsis508 Arisema508
I have acquired a Fuschia called Winston Churchill for this summer display. Its flower is large and blousy. The Zanthedeschia is now in full bloom and looks magnificent. I have decided to try another Pelargonium and not the normal zonal type as I have found these survive the winter well. I have a tender Fuschia which I hope to be in full flower for the show. As yet I do not know the proper name. If any one can help I would be grateful. The weed-like yellow Corydalysis is also putting a show.

Fuschiach408 Zanthesesia508 Pelargonium508 Fuschiatr508 Corydalis508

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Happy gardening

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