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At this time of the year my shredder comes in very handy for chopping up prunings of all sorts. This then speeds up my compost making. My Achmea 1s still in peak condition. The flowering shoot of my cymbidium is starting to come through. My Paphiopedilum is in flower and in one of my neighbours garden their Callicarpa is looking interesting with its winter berries on show.

Shredder108 Achmea108 Paphiopedilum108 Cymbidium108 Callicarpa108
It is now coming to the end of January The Acasia is now in full flower. This is much earlier than usual and is due to the very mild weather we have sustained this winter. The Clematis Armandii flower buds are swelling up in preparation for flowering. The Strilitzia flower bud is shooting up. So to is the Cymbidium Orchid. The Australian Bottle Brush is also about to flower. This bush will flower in June. The Briza Grass has self sowed itself in one of my makeshift basket and is shooting up fast.

Acasia108 Armandi108 Strilitzia108 Austrbb108 Briza108
The first of the RHS London flower shows took place at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster on 15-16 January. Other Dates and events are listed in the gardening events on my homepage. (click the header picture) Links are provided so you can go directly to the events web page. The next flower show is on the 12-13 of Feburary. The Tilansia stand was outstanding as was all the other stands. Tools could be bought and spring bulbs and garden orniments purchased. The Ivy stand shows what could be done with this much maligned evergreen climber. There were many wonderful botanical drawings of plants and flowers.

Tilansia108 Tools108 Springbulbs108 Ivy108 Botanicaldrawings108
Coniferious trees comes in a variety of shapes from the very small to the very large. There were a small display at the show. Grasses can also make interesting and beautiful displays. Ornaments, works of art and statues were on sale. A large selection of books and cards were available. for winter and spring colour it is difficult to beat the polyanthus.

Conifirs108 Grasses108 Ornaments108 Books108 Polyanthus108
Problems, problems I had a leak in the greenhouse and started to take off the plastic covering only to find that the supporting beams was getting wet for some months and had rotten badly. The Iris needs to be chopped back taking care not to cut out the flowering shoots. The Roses needs pruning even though it still have flowers. The Loganberries needs to be pruned. To help cheer me up I have put the Buxus next to the back door and the smell reminds me of warmer summer times.

Greenhouse108 Iris108 Roses108 Loganberries108 Buxus108
At this time of the year 18 Jan) it is a good time to check on the health of your fishes as the water is unusually clear. If it is left until later the water may start to go green due to algae growth and the fishes will not be so easily seen. This trailing Rosemary must not know what time of the year it is as it is still in bloom from the day I bought it in July last. I have been pruning the grape vine, a little at a time, since December. I have now to decide which of the two shoots from the same spur to leave. As the weather is so mild You may only have until the end of Feburary to finish pruning. The bluebells are starting to poke through. The Wiegelia is about to receive its winter prune.

Fishes108 Grapeprune108 Bluebells108 Wiegelia108 Rosemary108
It is now 6th of January and so far the winter here in London has been very mild except for a few days of frost up to -2 degrees C. The pathway plants on the fence still looks good and have not yet been hit by frost. Near the front gate I have planted Wallflowers and the Aeonium although looking a bit worst for wear is fine. In the hanging basket I still have Nemesia flowering. One sad item was that I kept getting large blow flies entering the house in winter, which is unusual. The kids said that they came in when they opened the front window. I went into the front garden on a sunny day and found a dead cat almost fully eaten away. All its body nutrients had gone back to the soil and the blowflies. The bulbs in pots placed in holes from where I have dug up plants are just starting to poke through.

Pathway108 Wallflowers108 Nemesia108 Deadcat108 Bulbs108

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